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Pressure Die Casting

In this process, the liquid metal is injected at high speed and high pressure into a metal mould. A schematic view of high pressure die casting is given in Figure.

Gravity Die Casting, Asia Manufacturing


This equipment consists of two vertical platens on which bolsters are located which hold the die halves. One platen is fixed and the other can move so that the die can be opened and closed. A measured amount of metal is poured into the shot sleeve and then introduced into the mould cavity using a hydraulically-driven piston. Once the metal has solidified, the die is opened and the casting removed. Compared to Gravity die casting, both the machine and its dies are very expensive, and for this reason pressure die casting is economical only for high-volume production.

We have 4 machines for Cold chamber machines with 120T to 400T capacity

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is suitable for mass production as compared to sand casting. A schematic view in Figure shows the main parts constituting a classical mould for gravity die casting. Cores (inner parts of the mould) are generally made of bonded sand.

Gravity Die Casting, Asia Manufacturing


Our company has its own Gravity Die-casting unit comprising of three machines with 100 kg furnace. To ensure optimum metal quality, we maintain batch to batch shorter melting & holding time, which is specifically desired for small & medium sized Aluminum components. The components produced include castings with shell sand cores as well as metallic cores ranging from thick walled to intricate thin walled casting. The company is presently supplying a variety of gravity castings in raw/ fully finished condition. The finishes we offer are shot blasted, mirror polished, painted, powder coated, anodized, lacquered and electroplated.

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